Right in the heart of Hampton Roads, Chesapeake Virginia is home to
 Aroma Of Life Center!
A Healthy Life Is A Sweet Fragrance

         Welcome to Aroma Of Life Center

You are significant and your 
intrinsic value is immeasurable!
Young or old, rich or poor, healthy or ill, you are welcome here.

It is our honor to serve you and our hope that you will allow us to do so.

Now that you're here take a look around the site to discover who we are and how we may help you.

We are pleased to be here in Chesapeake Virginia available to all of Hampton Roads.

So where ever you are it's not too far.

The path to wholeness that you need just may be right here!


~ To equip  and train people to move into wholeness  using holistic therapies and techniques.    
~To support each one in choosing their  own path to healing.
~To honor the Creator of all Life through our service.


Through everything we do, we hold to these values that are supported by love and define who we are:

  • Passionate Service
  • Spiritual Devotion
  • Empowering Education


To create an environment marked by acceptance,  faith and unconditional love that fosters healing, spiritual growth, support and encouragement.

Donating is easy! Just click the PayPal button. And thank you in advance!

Holistic Practitioners Code

  1. Be Harmless.
  2. Work with Informed Consent.
  3. Work on the Whole Person.
  4. Work on Your Self
  5. Breathe Deeply!
  6. Honor Your Predecessors.
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